The new trend: Human First.

Living no longer costs a living and modern organizations know it, you don’t come into the world to suffer it but to experience it and to balance corporate culture with the needs of employees.

Charles Darwin already showed us the way back in 1859 and bequeathed us one of his most famous phrases: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent that survives. It is he who is most adaptable to change”.

And if the pandemic has left us with anything, it has been a great lesson on how to adapt to the times. Not only to buy, but also to relate and to become aware of the life that is passing quickly in front of our noses. Companies, from corporations to small organizations, are going through a critical situation. Employees of different companies around the world are giving up the speed of light. The arguments? They cite a lack of connection with hiring companies as the main reason. Many feel increasing burnout from corporate culture, guilt over leaving loved ones and family. So employees also report that they want to feel valued and treated as individuals.

The new trend: Human First. - MarcoMKT

The great challenge for HR managers has increased, not only because of the ups and downs of new work-at-home scenarios, but also the long-promised “working balance” that is no longer just a great promise of human capital, but is the concrete need of many employers, young and long-standing.

Organizations must address this need for employee connectedness and well-being. One approach is to develop adaptability, which can drive well-being, turn adversity into a learning opportunity, and create an environment in which relationships can thrive.

One of the most important changes being called for is a balance between personal and corporate life. Sixty-five percent of respondents say they want to put their family ahead of their job. Mental health also comes into play, as the effects of anxiety and stress confiscate the desire to pursue a corporate career and find a life. On the other hand, the selection of the type of company, the value and the mission are no longer just nice posts but must be a reality beyond words. Companies that pollute the environment, with unclear hiring policies also play in favor of resigning or not applying for the best positions.

So today a job is not only confirmed by a good pay or a good location, it is no longer enough to have a pet-friendly space, today human capital should not be dissociated from the reality of organizations, that is why everything is leaning towards a fairer, healthier and more equitable look, in gender, sustainability and environmental care.

Human First.

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