5 most disruptive trends of the new era of Trade Marketing

The new world order, acceleration and production revolutions mean that the current model of marketing channels requires immediate disruption, and this requires all the efforts of an organization. Below, you will learn which are the main trends that will set the pace of the new era of Trade Marketing.

We live in times that mark a revolution in the production and consumption process, the old “crystal ball” gives way to clear and sure signs of a disruptive tomorrow, under a new economic context of crisis, inflation and supply challenges.
The predictions we heard at the beginning of the pandemic about the end of physical stores have been rethought, today we see this channel migrating to a concept of support point, integrating the omnichannel strategy of brands and completing the customer experience.

5 most disruptive trends of the new era of Trade Marketing - MarcoMKT

1- Sustainability is presented in a stronger way than the usual good intentions of companies. The responsibility of companies and consumers in relation to the least possible impact on the planet becomes a basic premise for the continuity of operations and the next generations of consumption, facing kpi’s that were unquestionable until yesterday, such as production costs, profitability and turnover. This is a common emergency, which demands less demagogy and more responsibility before control agencies and consumers.

2- Diversity, equity and Inclusion assume a practical and demystified, almost mandatory role in this new scenario, overthrowing corporate diplomacy, proving that if you don’t have diversity in your team, your business prospects become myopic and consequently riskier.

3- Conventional e-commerce is becoming obsolete, leaving room for alternative commerce, a process in which brands offer products to consumers on their social networks, through marketplaces, with unimaginable assortments, exploring non-traditional media, using a rich information and data intelligence base … . In this future, there is no room for mismatch between an offer and a consumer.

4- El Metaverso establece una alternativa factible que responde a la mayoría de los problemas de la humanidad, como una conexión que hace totalmente real lo imaginario. Hablamos de un espacio virtual y colectivo constituido por la realidad virtual, la realidad aumentada e internet, que hace posible que humanos, consumidores, empresas y marcas asuman una vida paralela llena de nuevas experiencias y parámetros.

5- Una nueva era, llamada Sociedad 5.0, súper inteligente, contando con IA (Inteligencia Artificial) en sus actividades, y con tecnologías orientadas al ser humano como centro, será el telón de fondo que se desarrollará y sustentará esta época.

Estoy convencido de que estamos viviendo una nueva revolución industrial, revisando genuinamente las viejas convicciones del modelo capitalista y la proporción de este sistema en el planeta. En este contexto, les presento el futuro, que ha llegado y que no solo trae tendencias, sino convicciones de una evolución en nuestra generación.

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