How Data Driven are you?

Business Intelligence guides us in strategic decision making, optimizes human and technological resources to achieve and even exceed planned results.

Business Intelligence is vital for the perfect execution of any Trade Marketing project. This business intelligence is what guides us in making strategic decisions, optimizes human and technological resources to achieve and even exceed the planned results. It involves many variables such as: knowing the number of people we need to reach our objective in time and form, knowing the inventory we have, knowing the seasonality of the product, the number of stores in which we execute, which are the most relevant stores, our market share in each one.

How Data Driven are you? - MarcoMKT

And there are also external indicators to our project such as the economy of each geography, the per capita index, inflation, GDP, geographic, social and cultural conditions that impact our projects, from our team to the consumer. These are also indicators that provide us with valuable information that strengthens our analysis.

Interpreting and knowing how to transmit the fusion of indicators with the result, is a fundamental part, but knowing how to use this information for decision making and scenario accuracy, that is being Data Driven. And this is precisely one of the great differentials that Marco MKT has, since it strengthens our value offer: simplifying complexity.

Every time we present the results of our projects, we apply all the human intelligence and today, thanks to the constant technological evolution, we are able to enhance our experience with artificial intelligence.

At your next results meeting, which story will you tell?

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