Push Activations

We become a Partner of your business.

Promotional brand activations in the different distribution channels, in order to enhance the emotion and surprise, with the aim of boosting the purchase or adoption of a product or brand.

Our differential

We identify and understand the behavior of consumers in different marketing channels to generate a range of options that enhance the strategies of Markting and Sales.



  • Exposing the purpose and benefits of your brand.
  • Attracting potential customers.
  • Recognition of the Customer Journey.
  • Brand recommendation (WOM)
  • Attracting, connecting and/or retaining customers.
  • Increased Sell-out.

Some reasons

How to know if you need this service?

  • If you’re looking to attract a new customer, reconnect to an inactive one or keep an existing customer.
  • Lack of identification of consumer behavior.
  • If you need to move your product in any of the marketing channels.


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