Leadership, post pandemic, much more than business.

An approach to the new airs that companies need, the focus on people, the coming economy.

It is well known that a practical way of approaching complex situations is to isolate “the variables” that are in play in order to “dominate” them. Something like “clearing x in an equation”. The exciting thing about reality is that this is not always possible. Then we have to try to articulate them in a way that allows us to understand where we are and where we are heading. In the event that we cannot articulate them either, I believe that there is always an ordering variable.

To begin with, I would like to contextualize a vision that I find very interesting, and it is that of Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, where she talks about the economy and its scenarios, the consumer, work teams, how to make a difference, innovation, inclusion, diversity, and having the courage to have the necessary conditions to make a difference in the world of customers, collaborators, the inclusive and diverse world, the world of social networks, and those that we still know little about, such as the Metaverse.

Leadership, post pandemic, much more than business. - MarcoMKT

World economy

1. A very good 2023 is forecast. Personal consumption” is at very low, 1970s levels.
2. Interest rates will rise, but will remain very low for new business to come..
3. Very loose and growth-oriented fiscal and monetary economic policies. Lots of money injected into the consumer’s pocket, it’s a great multiplier for the economy.
4. Is there going to be more COVID, are we going to have immunity? We don’t know, but the world is more agile than pre-COVID..

The power of the consumer

1. AMPLIFICATION of choice and voice.

a. What do I want, when, how, where? Before the customer was loyal, now he can choose. With COVID, he was forced to look for other brands, to experiment.
b. This forced brands to innovate, to make new investments to improve the consumer experience in delivery, payment and collection.
c. Value speed? convictions? What DOES NOT change is the human CONTACT
d. Voice amplified
– The consumer demands transparency, how is diversity in your organization, what about sustainability, what actions are you taking for local commerce?
– The customer demands to be heard.

Work teams (inclusion, equity, diversity, innovation)

The pandemic brought a revolution in labor relations, the phenomenon of “great resignation” in the USA is worth noting. What is the new dynamic like?

1. Employee/Employer

a. The employee/employer relationship used to be thought of as a contract: how do I dress, where do I go, how many hours do I work?
b. Today the employee has more power to do it where he/she wants, when, and can even increase productivity.
c. He can choose to whom he gives his work, his capacity.
d. The great resignation… became the “…the great contemplation…”
Do you like your job, how you are treated, what your boss is like?
e. Demands thinking about the company’s value proposition
Why would anyone work with me?
f. What is the company’s footprint, who is it in the community, what values does it represent?
People choose where to give their service.

Innovation, equity, inclusion, diversity

The only way to innovate is with ideas, which come from perspectives. In turn, these come from experiences, which come from people. It is essential to seek a diverse, inclusive and democratic environment if you want to attract new ideas.

Making an impact with leadership

1. There is no all-knowing leader. He or she must be accompanied by the team and show transparency about what is known and what is not.
2. It is necessary to be able to generate clarity to the teams, even if the future is uncertain, to achieve short and medium term objectives that allow moving forward in a clear direction.
3. Developing new leaders is the only way to continue expanding.
4. Have courage. To call things by their name. To teach to fail, to achieve engagement, to have diversity, to create clarity, to create other leaders, to gain their trust, to be authentic.

Undoubtedly, all this approach, made us see in a very broad way what is the starting point to take the challenges. Without these pillars, integrated in some way to trade marketing strategies, it will be difficult to address market situations, changes in consumers and products, or traditional sales channels and revolutionary scenarios such as the Metaverse, are demanding.

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