Omnichannel Audit

We become a Partner of your business.

We carry out a multichannel audit in order to understand areas of opportunity (sales, exhibition, brand recognition, promotion, etc.) or the correct execution of marketing strategies (whether something is done or not) during the customer experience.

Our differential

During this study, we become the client of your brand. We carry out the customer experience from different channels, covering all the points of interaction that are required to obtain the necessary insights for the fulfillment of the sales strategy.



  • Increase in the NPS in the touchpoints that your brand has with your consumer.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increased awareness of your sales force.
  • Improvement in your brand’s experience with the consumer.Some reasons

Some reasons

How to know if you need this service?

  • Lack of measurement and control of the variables that define the success of the sales strategy.
  • Unsatisfactory customer experiences.
  • Brand without Positioning – the levels of brand recommendation by the sales force are not good (NPS).


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