The evolution of the role of organizations in society.

How to understand the paradox that exists between the high rate of unemployment and unfilled vacancies.

Just as the consumers of the new generations have ‘millenized’ us and turned traditional marketing into a constant hybrid world between the physical and the digital, where we have the power over what, how, and from where to buy, the growth of a force that requires defining conditions, for example having a better balance and a lot of flexibility: this is the labor force.

Collaborators are also beginning to show their strength by giving a very clear message to corporations: to be able to choose who they work with.

The evolution of the role of organizations in society. - MarcoMKT

That is why I ask myself, what is the role of organizations with society? Why can’t we build an ecosystem where employees choose how long to work, when to work, from where and how?

This is the power of voice and choice: a power that will continue to grow and in which all companies must actively participate as part of the change.

And from the responsibility of the organizations, it is a paradox that we live in markets with high unemployment rates but with unfilled vacancies in many positions. Where there is an opportunity for education and training in the corporate field to bridge the gap between the needs of the market and the existing knowledge of the population that is looking for a job and does not get it.

We should also consider revising certain requirements – which sometimes seem like an endless loop – that prevent access to opportunities. Do we need degrees combined with some experience and complementary advanced studies in all positions in organizations? What would happen if we reviewed these requirements and eliminated some, thereby providing greater opportunities to those applicants who are looking for a job? Accompanying them with a training process where they are prepared for the role they are going to occupy.

Focusing on the specific skills and knowledge of the job profile, surely training plans can be created in a short term to develop and raise the skills of the labor market, giving access to an opportunity and why not, generating social justice.

As an example, I found what this NGO is doing very interesting: a great effort to eliminate unnecessary university requirements with the largest employers in the United States, with the goal of generating 1,000,000 jobs for Americans of color in the next 10 years Tell me what you think in the comments!

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