Growth Marketing, much more than metrics and performance.

A global race has begun where companies are eager to gain ground in the increasingly competitive world of brands, anticipating the habits of audiences and capturing their purchase intentions, physically and digitally.

We are in the middle of a new season, the digital side is no longer only part of a global strategy (physical and digital), but consumers are still much more “smart” than the strategies themselves. From the change of the linear journey to a “messy journey”, Marketing and Sales Strategies require a new vision: Growth Marketing.

An essential aspect of Growth Marketing is integrating strong analytical capabilities with agile processes to deliver faster results at lower costs. Some of the essential features are:

  • Customer focus (Customer Centricity).
  • Decision making at each stage taking into account the behavior of the ecosystem (industry-brand-consumer).
  • ROI optimization. The integrated approach allows for better planning and budgeting opportunities.
  • Agile analytical teams that drive operational excellence.
  • Comprehensive vision of physical and digital points of sale.

Marketing and Sales strategies must be Data Driven in order to predict market changes. Having the platforms that allow processes to be made more agile is of vital importance and the advantage of having a consultative look that guides and makes the required adjustments is already a basic need.

The scenario is increasingly competitive, not only do brands live branding, it is time to link data with physical and digital assets, without distorting the focus of sales.

If you want different results, it’s time to innovate and execute. If your company is at this crossroads, it is time to partner with those in the know. Connect with our omnichannel retail consulting experts at Marco MKT. Our team will be able to advise you and provide you with solutions oriented to your business.

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